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Primary activity

Primary activity of the companies NefteGasTop develops of following directions:

Preinvestment studies:

  • The analysis of documents by investment project;
  • Survey market research in the field of the project;
  • Marketing researches of demand and supply by this project;
  • Definition of technical possibility and economic feasibility of building of objects (pre-project working out and the business plan).

Working out and realization of new effective technologies of a fuel and energy complex:

  • Autonomous gas supply of agglomeration and industrial projects;
  • Gas uses (compressed and liquefied) as motor fuel and the energy carrier;
  • Removal of peak of consumption of natural gas by reserve fuel - natural gas;
  • Gas storage (in compressed and liquefied gas) and petrochemicals in a big volumetric storage tank to 100 thousand m3;
  • Transportation on highways, by rail, a waterway with transshipment and storage on terminals of gases in compressed and liquefied gas in a tank containers;
  • Commercial recycling of flare gas oil and natural gas field;
  • Production of synthetic fuel (methanol, petroleum, diesel fuel) from natural and accompanying gas on low-pressure and marginal field oil and gas.

Engineering of objects of a fuel and energy complex:
We engineer the following objects

  • LPG & CNG fuel station;
  • NGV-refuelling compressor station;
  • Gas-filling station of liquefied propane-butane;
  • Railway transshipment terminals of liquefied propane-butane;
  • Marine transshipment terminals of liquefied propane-butane;
  • Marine transshipment terminals of liquefied natural gas;
  • Transshipment terminals of liquid ammonia;
  • Pipe-bend of the main gas pipelines;
  • Compressor stations;
  • Gas distribution points;
  • Boiler-houses (gas and others fuel);
  • Transfer on gas fuel of industrial organizations, factories, etc.;
  • Items by transfer of cars on gas fuel;
  • Stations of removal of peak consumption of natural gas;
  • Plants of low-pressure productions of liquefied natural gas;
  • The low-pressure oil refining plants.

The building of objects of an oil and gas complex:

At will of the Customer we can complete by necessary equipment and materials and build the planned objects.

Highly skilled consultations on the technologies and objects of designing and building set forth above.

We represent to your attention B. S. Rachevsky's book "Liquefied hydrocarbon gases".(At the moment only in the Russian version).

Attention! City numbers of Joint-Stock Company NefteGazTop have changed. Since 1st of February, 2007 to us it is possible to call: from the Russian phones (including with Moscow) +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27, from foreign countries +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27.