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Primary activity of the companies - research, engineering, a complete set, installation and setting up of systems of gas supply of agglomeration, industrial facilities, means of transport, objects of oil and gas reprocessing and low-tonnage plant by manufacture liquefied natural gas and synthetic fuel, distribution of gas and mineral oil through a network of petrol-filling stations, gas-filling stations, railway and marine transshipment terminals of liquefied propane-butane, liquid ammonia and liquefied natural gas, and also rendering of highly skilled consulting services in these questions.

We represent to your attention B. S. Rachevsky's book "Liquefied hydrocarbon gases".(At the moment only in the Russian version).

Attention! City numbers of Joint-Stock Company «NefteGazTop» have changed. Since 1st of February, 2007 to us it is possible to call: from the Russian phones (including with Moscow) +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27, from foreign countries +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27.