Joint-Stock Company «NEFTEGAZTOP»

Noncommercial Partnership Association of designers of dangerous industrial objects
(NP SPECPROJECTASSOCIATION), approved by five known project organizations and registered in an established order, executing positions of the Federal Legislation in the field of self-regulation of project activity and realizing the importance for branch of association by order of community of objects of designing, invites project organizations of dangerous industrial objects realizing designing (for example: in oil and gas sphere, chemistry, petrochemistry, etc). Also we invite a project organizations working in consecutive area ( for example: industrial construction, hydraulic engineering objects, all engineering networks, etc.) in members NP SPECPROJECTASSOCIATION for the purpose of the introduction into the self-regulatory organization of projectors and reception of certificates about the admission to corresponding design works.

Association in one Partnership of the organizations "related" on objects of designing give essential advantages:

  • when dealing with supervising and approving authorities, including Rostekhnadzor;
  • in the time of reception of orders from the state and private organizations on designing of dangerous industrial objects on territory of Russia and foreign countries and distribution of these orders;
  • at deepening of a professional knowledge and skills, an exchange of experience and of certification of experts;
  • also gives the opportunity to know about activity and about a management of almost each member of partnership before formation self-regulatory organization.

    We know each other and should be together.

    General Director of the NP SPECPROJECTASSOCIATIONB. Rachevsky



    FGUP SoyuzpromNIIproekt, Moscow
    OAO SantechNIIproekt, Moscow
    OAO Kirovproekt, Kirov
    OOO NPF Mysl, Moscow
    OAO MosgazNIIproekt, Moscow .

    Introduction order

    In the NP SPECPROJECTASSOCIATION with the status self-regulation organization is supposed two variants of the introduction - standard and simple, different a quantity of source document, amounts of entrance fees and order of payment of membership fees.
    The standard order of the introduction is applied to the organization entering in partnership after acquisition of the status of the self-regulation organization.
    The simple order of the introduction is applied to the organization entering in partnership at a formation stage of self-regulation organization
    At introducing into membership of foreign legal person the package of documents should be presented in Russian in this case documents about state registration of legal person on Russian should be properly certified according to the legislation of the state.

    Amounts of entrance and regular membership fees

    entrance money (non-recurring ) 3 000 (three thousand) USD*
    membership fee (monthly) - 500 (five hundred) USD
    * At the simplified order of the introduction
    Additional information

    by phones: +7 (499) 782-31-95, +7 (499) 782-33-62, +7 (499) 782-34-27 or on the site

We represent to your attention B. S. Rachevsky's book "Liquefied hydrocarbon gases".(At the moment only in the Russian version).

Attention! City numbers of Joint-Stock Company NefteGazTop have changed. Since 1st of February, 2007 to us it is possible to call: from the Russian phones (including with Moscow) +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27, from foreign countries +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27.