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General Director

  The founder and the chief of group NefteGasTop is Boris Rachevsky, one of pioneers-developers of perspective gas technologies in the conditions of the new economic relations, created in the USSR and kept the private company in the field of oil and gas business. The general director of Joint-Stock Company NefteGasTop has assets in group NefteGasTop companies.

In 1963 finished the Institution of Civil Engineering of Kouybyshev with a specialization in "caloric-gas-supply and ventilation". Before 1999 worked in scientific-production association "Soyuzpromgaz" (at the moment open joint-stock company Promgaz, open joint-stock company "Gazprom") on position: the senior scientific employee, managing group, managing sector, the assistant of the general director on a science, fulfilled responsibilities of the general director.

In 1974 finished postgraduate study of Institute of Petroleum of Gubkin with a specialization in the construction and exploitation gas-oil-pipe line and gas-oil tank and protected the master's thesis.

In 1988 organized and headed at All-Soviet Union scientific-production association "Soyuzpromgaz" scientific-production cooperative Mysl, attending to engineering and building of systems of gas supply and means of transport (at the moment limited company scientific-production firm Mysl, entering into group of companies NefteGasTop). In 1996 organized Joint-Stock Company NefteGasTop, attending to working out of programs of gas supply of regions of Russia and the CIS countries; the feasibility report of expediency of building of systems of gas supply of objects, means of transport and commercial recycling of flare gas oil and natural gas field, expertise of industrial safety of projects and objects of systems of gas supply, performing functions of the customer-builder at building of objects of a fuel and energy complex.

Joint cooperation of Joint-Stock Company NefteGasTop and limited company scientific-production firm Mysl have given rise to activity of group of the companies under a one whole brand NefteGasTop.

In the field of gas supply of objects and regions network natural and liquefied gases, uses of gas as motor fuel and new effective gas technologies. B.Rachevsky published more than 150 printing works. Under his management and at his direct participation engineered also constructed more than 100 objects in Russia and behind its limits, organized and conducted 10 International scientifically-practical conferences under a heading Compressed and liquefied gas.

We represent to your attention B. S. Rachevsky's book "Liquefied hydrocarbon gases".(At the moment only in the Russian version).

Attention! City numbers of Joint-Stock Company NefteGazTop have changed. Since 1st of February, 2007 to us it is possible to call: from the Russian phones (including with Moscow) +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27, from foreign countries +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27.