Joint-Stock Company «NEFTEGAZTOP»
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  • Joint-Stock Company NefteGazTop is an executive office of Intergovernmental Advice on an oil and gas of the CIS countries.
  • Joint-Stock Company is the official expert in the field of industrial safety of Noncommercial partnership SPECPROJECTASSOCIATION

We represent to your attention B. S. Rachevsky's book "Liquefied hydrocarbon gases".(At the moment only in the Russian version).

Attention! City numbers of Joint-Stock Company NefteGazTop have changed. Since 1st of February, 2007 to us it is possible to call: from the Russian phones (including with Moscow) +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27, from foreign countries +7(499) 782-31-95, 782-33-62, 782-34-27.